TROPICAL MARINE ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION                                                June 2016

Summer Programs are in Full Swing!

Here at CIEE Research Station Bonaire our intensive summer programs are in full swing. Our students are diving into their courses, from Tropical Marine Conservation Biology, Marine Ecology Field Research Methods, Advanced Scuba, as well as our STEM intensive research course. In this edition of our newsletter you can read about our featured student re-cap of our summer I Tropical Marine ecology and conservation program (which covers scientific diving and underwater methodologies), alumni news, and the return of a former student and intern! 


Summer-izing Summer I

By Nikki Jackson My participation in the CIEE Bonaire Summer I program was an unforgettable and invaluable learning experience. In just four short weeks, I acquired more knowledge on marine ecosystems and the professional world of marine biology than I ever thought possible. The curriculum was tailored in such a way that maximized the learning experience, through the direct application …

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Alumni news!

By Dr. Enrique Arboleda

One of our goals at CIEE Research Station Bonaire is to provide knowledge, technical expertise and field experience that will strengthen students’ portfolio when it comes to future academic or professional endeavors such as internships, grad school and jobs related to marine science. With this in mind, we want to highlight (and congratulate!) some of our …

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Back for More?!

By James C. Emm

My name is Jamie Emm and I am returning to further my involvement with CIEE Research Station Bonaire. I first was introduced to CIEE because I wished to learn about an environment that has had my desire since I was a child. The ever-so-wise google brought me to the 2014 CIEE Summer Program. I then spent …

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