A Trip to Curaçao

by. Nicole SikowitzIMG_1369

The students of summer session two recently took a trip to Curaçao. However this trip was no vacation for the students; it was as busy as our program here in Bonaire. As soon as we got to our neighboring island the students could not wait to go for a dive/snorkel! We got to compare the reefs of Bonaire to the reefs of Curaçao. During our dives, we were amazed at what we saw including a coral nursery and a few visiting squid.IMG_1347

IMG_1328The second day of our trip was jam packed. We started the day bright and early, at theSubstation Curaçao, for orientation. The first group of students then braved the depths of the ocean, reaching depths up to 550 ft. Meanwhile while waiting for their submarine ride the others had a private tour of the Sea Aquarium. We enjoyed both the dolphin show as well getting up close and personal with the sea lions.

During our last day in Curaçao, we spent the day in town where we learned some culture at the slave museum. We walked across the famous pontoon bridge and enjoyed lunch in town. In the end we had a sweet “DUSHI” time.

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