Alumnus Erin Post against Invasive Species

CIEE Bonaire alumnus Erin Post needs your help! Through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, she’s trying to raise the funds for her Invasive Species Initiative.

Clearly, invasive species are a monumental problem. Control is tricky – how can we simply remove entire populations of harmful plants and animals? Fortunately, community-based grassroots control methods are showing promise: local eradication projects are three times more likely to succeed than regional projects, and eight times more likely to succeed than nationwide projects.

She wants to highlight innovative approaches to invasive species management. In each stop on the Millennial Trains Project, she will interview locals who are taking the problem into their own hands, one invasive species at a time. She has identified six different invasive management projects in each of the six stops on the journey. These projects involve chefs, storeowners, professors, school kids, and more. For more information, or to support Erin’s project, click here

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