Ayo and masha danki Dr. Arboleda

By Enrique Arboleda

Bon Bini na Boneiru! (welcome to Bonaire) was the first thing I read four years ago when I started working at CIEE Bonaire. The island and its culturally diverse community have been indeed so welcoming that I never thought I would leave this beautiful place. However, life happens and career choices have to be made, and that is why it is with great sorrow and great memories that I write this to say goodbye and thank you. I have had the privilege and joy of having great people working with me over these years. Instructors, administrative staff, interns, volunteers, visiting scientists… they (you!) have all left a big imprint on my personal and professional development. This position has been about teaching and learning every single day. Having had the opportunity to interact with so many students and their variety of personalities, experiences, knowledge and expectations have made this teaching position the single most rewarding one of my professional life. I am confident we (at CIEE Bonaire) have done everything we could to make this program succeed and for the students and temporal staff to acquire important skills and to achieve new goals. I am convinced we have made the difference in the professional and personal life of many people, and that is something that fills me with joy and a sense of shared responsibility.

Facebook-20160830-062358As I (literally) fly over Bonaire, I look forward to continue collaborating with CIEE Bonaire, staying in touch with alumni and staff, keeping track of their achievements, and hopefully being co-workers in the near future. Today I join a vast group of people that over the years have been part of the programs at CIEE Bonaire, that always look back to those times with a smile on their faces, and that proudly share the Bonairean life we have in common.

Thank you all for the unforgettable experience. Ayo!

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