CIEE Bonaire’s 200th Public Presentation

Fall Semester Students
PC: Shannon Brown

By: Shannon Brown

On November 29th, CIEE Bonaire reached a spectacular milestone: their 200th Public Presentation. During the 200th Talk, the six, spectacular students from our Fall Semester presented their independent research projects. The public joined in person and via live stream on the CIEE facebook page as the students discussed the research projects they worked on for 3 months. At the end of the evening, students, staff, and visitors enjoyed a variety of beverages and snacks to celebrate the student’s work and the impressive milestone for CIEE Bonaire. Staff also prepared a set of CIEE trivia for those attendees who wanted the chance to win some CIEE merchandise. Even if you missed the chance to attend our 200th Talk, test your luck below with a few highlight trivia questions.

Trivia Questions:

  1. What is the name of the CIEE Research Station’s resident dog?
  2. When did CIEE Bonaire begin?
  3. How many scuba tanks does CIEE Bonaire own?
  4. How many research dives did CIEE students and staff complete this fall semester?
  5. How many student research papers have been published in Physis (station’s journal)?
  6. About how many students have attended CIEE Bonaire?

*Trivia answers listed below

Fall Semester Staff
PC: Rachel Fuller

Trivia Answers:

  1. Dushi
  2. Fall 2006
  3. 44 tanks
  4. 81 research dives
  5. 209 research papers
  6. ~520 students

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