CIEE (Council of International Education and Exchange) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded over 65 years ago. It is the world leader in study abroad and exchange programs. CIEE Research Station Bonaire is one of nearly 200 study abroad programs offered by CIEE.

CIEE RSB’s mission is to provide outstanding educational opportunities to students in Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation.  We strive to provide interdisciplinary marine research opportunities for CIEE students as well as visiting scientists and their students from around the world.  Collaboration with ongoing local research and conservation efforts is basic to our mission as is our commitment to provide scientific data, analysis and support to Bonaire’s environmental, educational and governmental entities.

To enroll in CIEE Research Station Bonaire’s study abroad program and to find out more about credit hours, application deadlines, dates and duration, housing, eligibility requirements, and fees, please visit CIEE’s main website and search for programs in the Southern Caribbean region.

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