Did Patrick Star lose weight??? #Ophiuroid

As things here at CIEE Bonaire start to settle into a grove, the Coral Reef Ecology instructors decided to keep their students on their toes. They recently used Twitter in the classroom as a fun new way for students to review and study for their upcoming midterm. They came up with clever hash tags that related to a variety of concepts that have been covered in previous lectures. The point of this activity was for different teams of students to cleverly explain these concepts in 140 characters or less. Everyone loves good scientific humor, and that is exactly what we got.

Was swimming from Alaska to LA but ended up in Hawaii... #Coriolis

Was swimming from Alaska to LA but ended up in Hawaii… #Coriolis

Once all the stored knowledge was spilled into small humorous blurbs, the teachers got to pick their favorite. After a close completion, one team pulled out a one-point victory. Overall, the results did not disappoint and when it all comes down to it, everyone won. #A+Midterm

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