What to bring: Scuba gear

You need to bring or rent* the following: bcd, regulator 1st stage, 2nd stage, alternative air source and pressure gauge, weight system (if not integrated in bcd), mask, snorkel, boots with soles, full wetsuit, hose clips, carabiners, dive knife or line cutter, dive light.

CIEE will supply: dive computers, compass (when necessary), weights, tanks

If you intend on diving recreationally while on Bonaire, you will need a depth gauge and underwater watch or personal dive computer.

Do not bring: Gloves, glow sticks, or spear guns– these items are not permitted in Bonaire

*Please know that renting dive equipment for 3 weeks or longer will be approximately as expensive or even more expensive than buying.
**Want to buy 2nd hand? Make sure to have the gear thoroughly checked and serviced before you fly to Bonaire.



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