Dushi Dog’s Anniversary

By Sara Buckley

Picking hundreds of ticks of Dushi's body

Picking hundreds of ticks of Dushi’s body

One year ago Dr. Peachey and Marc Tsagaris saw a our beloved Dushi (sweetheart in the local Bonairian language, Papiamentu) wander in front of their truck looking tired, hungry and sickly. They immediately put her into their truck and brought her to the CIEE Research Station. The Fall 2015 interns, Dr. Peachey and Marc quickly assembled and went straight into action pulling hundreds of ticks off of her. After an 8-hour stretch plucking ticks, the team was able to pull off almost every tick from her body. This was only just the beginning of her recovery but we could see that Dushi’s spirits were high.

Dr. Peachey with Dushi

Dr. Peachey with Dushi on her road to recovery

With help from all of the CIEE staff she was nursed back to health and she has been thriving as our office and program “emotional support dog” ever since. We may have supported her in the beginning but now she serves as a stress reliever to the students and staff members here at CIEE. During class and exam breaks the students corral around her and pet and play with her. During her shift she naps and patrols the offices in search of Pup-peroni (Dushi’s favorite treat) giving the staff members a work break, while she takes her well-deserved snack breaks.


Now: Dushi loving life in the sand

After one year she is fully immersed into the CIEE family as our faithful and beloved companion. She will continue to serve as our emotional support dog for many semesters to come!

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