Faculty position

LOGO middCIEE is looking for a CRE faculty. The Coral Reef Ecology Instructor is part of a team of professionals that work together to achieve specific academic and student achievement goals. The Instructor must be interested in all aspects of the success of the Research Station with excellent teaching and leadership skills and the ability to be an exemplary part of a team. This is a full-time academic position with significant responsibilities to the overall program. All members of the team participate in CIEE activities; including participating in the Outreach program, Public Lecture series, field trips, camping and other group activities. In addition to teaching responsibilities, duties will include supporting CIEE’s research program, which includes field and laboratory research, analyzing data, report writing, proposal writing and manuscript preparation. The AAUS Dive Safety Program requires excellent planning and record keeping. Lastly, the instructor will work closely with the Director and Administration to assist with laboratory management and day to day operations at the field station.
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