Fall 2016 Semester Student Arrival

By Fadilah Ali

From L-R: Alex Shulman, Shannon Richardson, Danielle Goldberg, Haley Haynes, Levi Dodge, Tyler Teisberg, Joel Larson, Brian Anschel, Anatole Colevas, Nakayla Lestina, Heidi Johnson, Savannah D’Orazio

The Fall 2016 students have been at CIEE for almost a month now and have made Bonaire their new home. All hailing from the United States, our students are representing a diverse range of schools such as Arizona State University, California Lutheran University, Colorado State University, Harvard University, Occidental College, Pacific Lutheran University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Georgia, University of Scranton and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Whilst at CIEE, students will learn all about Coral Reef Ecology, Cultural and Environmental History of Bonaire, Marine Ecology Field Research Methods, Scientific Diving and Tropical Marine Conservation Biology. Also during their time here, students will conduct Independent Research projects which range from looking at predator abundance and density, algal cover and fish abundance, predators and Diadema, fish abundance of different life stages of Acropora, effects of rugosity on fish and invertebrates, conch shell utilisation as shelter, black band disease and fluorescence, ctenophore assessments, algal preference of sea urchins, how light affects coral recruitment, and interactions between plankton and planktivores. At the end of the semester the students will present the findings of their research at a public lecture.

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