How to keep your DSO happy

By Astrid Verstappen

Some of you might already have secured research diver positions, but many might (soon) be in-between institutions right now. Here’s ten tips to start off and stay on the right foot with your new DSO.


Photo credit: Nikki Jackson

  1. Don’t make us chase you for dive plans, logs and other required paperwork.
  2. Don’t leave a tank standing where it can fall.
  3. Do a predive safety check. Always.
  4. Plan your dive – dive your plan.
  5. Don’t run out of air. But? No! DON’T RUN OUT OF AIR!!!!
  6. Don’t drop something heavy on something breakable (ie lead weights on mask or tanks on toes).
  7. Stay with your buddy. Feel free to render assistance when needed.
  8. Don’t be a crybaby. Need additional training? Medical consent? Equipment? Just get it or adjust your plans.
  9. Listen to the most conservative and /or nervous diver
  10. Make as many ascents as descents.

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