Independent Research: Jillian Neault (University of Washington)

Determining possible drivers for the abundance and behaviors of the yellow Aulostomus maculatus phenotype 

Jillian NeaultAbstract: The use of color is seen throughout the animal kingdom. In coral reef ecosystems, organism colorations are suggested to assist in behaviors such as camouflage and communication among schooling fish. The long and slender Atlantic trumpetfish Aulostomus maculatus, which has three known colorations, is suggested to take advantage of both bright and neutral color schemes on the Caribbean reefs. To test how coloration and surroundings may influence A. maculates abundance and behavior, abundance surveys for trumpetfish and associating fish and behavioral observations of each coloration were conducted. While no links were found between coloration, surroundings and abundance, several significant links were found between coloration, surroundings, and behavior. These links allow us to expand our knowledge of the animal behavior facet of reef ecology and could lead to studies that work to prove similar links in other species we see in the Caribbean.

Want to know more about trumpetfish camouflage? Hear all about it in Jillians presentation, tomorrow evening, 18:30 at CIEE RSB

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