New Semester, New Faces!

By Kelly Hannan

CIEE Boniare has welcomed many new staff members for the Fall 2016 semester and we are excited to introduce them to you, along with their favorite sea creatures in parentheses!

CIEE Research Station Bonaire Staff Members of Fall 2016

Top L-R: Martijn Koot (narwhal), Amy Wilde (queen conch), Instructor Franziska Elmer (nudibranch), Instructor Fadilah Ali (lionfish), Emily Dawson (triggerfish), Nikki Jackson (trunkfish), Instructor Kelly Hannan (eagle ray), Instructor Nathaniel Hanna Holloway (corals), and Instructor Marc Tsagaris (sea turtles).

Bottom L-R: Dr. Rita Peachey (octopus), Mary DiSanza (midnight parrotfish), Instructor Astrid Verstappen de Jager (yellowhead jawfish),  Dushi (dog snapper), Sara Buckley (cuttlefish), and Austin Lin (jellyfish).

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