Oil Spill from Trinidad

By Martijn Koot

Oil splattered on shore.

Sad news from over the summer: a large oil spill from a container in Trinidad that was washed to the shores of Bonaire. History has taught us how dangerous oil spills can be to the health of ecosystems, such as Exxon Valdez to Deepwater Horizon. On our shores we saw birds and crabs covered in oil and can test for heavy metals dissolved in the ocean water. Fortunately, STINAPA and many volunteers have already cleaned up more than 5000 kg of oil. Our Summer Program helped clean up the shore at Baby Beach on the east coast of Bonaire. The Dutch news channel NOS came by and took a few shots of our students cleaning up the beaches with STINAPA, which was later featured on Dutch National TV! We were glad to have the opportunity to do our part to support the health and beauty of Bonaire.

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