Along with teaching and research, CIEE Bonaire is also dedicated to various outreach programs that enrich the lives of the local community.  We open our doors to local organizations, including Jong Bonaire and the Junior Rangers, through an educational, informative and enjoyable program addressed to high school/elementary students. Our program focuses on a broad range of marine topics as well as human impacts and conservation as they relate to the island.

oa_jong bonaire

Jong Bonaire students learning about ocean acidification

The CIEE youth  outreach program combines hands-on inquiry activities with field trips and interactive classes in order for the students to get interested and involved with every topic.  This way students will better understand environmental dynamics and will know what they can do to protect the oceans and Bonaire’s wildlife. Our goal is to enrich the learning experience through an environmental education program that promotes the importance of knowing, preserving and conserving our ecosystem, while inspiring the kids to become better guardians of the environment and aware of the conservation efforts.

public lecture_diverite

A full house for one of our public lectures

In addition to our youth enrichment programs, we host a lecture series, with talks given by visiting researchers to the general public. As of the beginning of 2015, we have hosted over 130 public lectures.  We also have special lectures and activities for visiting groups, including injured veterans and their families who travel to Bonaire through the Wounded Warrior Project. Finally, we participate in island-wide events, including World Clean-Up Day and Bon Doet, where we volunteer for tasks including removing trash from local beaches and restoring cultural landmarks.



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