Research in Bonaire

CIEE Research Station Bonaire maintains a small academic staff to maintain the facility and conduct research, educational and advisory activities. In addition, the staff supports the efforts of visiting researchers and scientist in a variety of ways including field research and assistance in the lab. Please feel free to contact us for specific questions or specific needs.

Bonaire practical details

  • The electrical current on Bonaire is 127 V at 50 Hz.
  • Local currency is US dollar
  • The local language is Papiamentu, although the legal language is Dutch. Both Spanish and English are widely spoken
  • The climate is fairly stable, but around October and November, the close by storms and hurricanes might cause the weather to be off, with possibly heavy rain, hard wind (or no wind at all) and higher waves. If you come in this period, be prepared to be flexible.

Research specific information

  • Visitors who are planning to do collection or research will need to obtain permission from the Bonaire Department of Nature (DROB Bonaire). For more information, callĀ 7175330 ext. 209, 297 or 521, or contact us for advise.
  • If you are planning on activities like scuba diving or snorkeling, you will need to have a Marine Park Tag, which is available for $25. These tags are for sale at every dive shop on Bonaire.

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