Scuba newbies to pros

IMG_1097editedHere at CIEE Research Station Bonaire, we hold our students to the highest standards possible, including our dive program. Our rigorous curriculum is aimed at producing the best scientific divers possible through an intensive dive program. Our fall 2015 study abroad program has been no exception to this and our students have dove right into scuba diving, both the theory in the classroom the practical aspects in Bonaire’s pristine clear waters!

Our scuba “boot camp” went into full the very first week students arrived. CIEE Bonaire’s dive team consisting of Marc, Astrid, and Sara took on the task of turning these recreational divers into DSC_0023compressscientific divers by helping them to increase their comfort underwater and to prefect their buoyancy, buddy communication, and fin kicking techniques. The dive team had their work cut out for them but the students were eager and enthusiastic to learn as much as they could about diving!

The last four weeks have consisted of buoyancy circuits, wreck diving, deep diving, night diving, IMG_1125editedrescue skills and scenarios, first aid and CPR, and other activities to help our students become skilled divers. We tested their buoyancy, critiqued their form and honed their confidence to get them mentally and physically prepared to conduct their own research. Within the first week the dive team saw significant improvement in all the students. From their buoyancy to their dive theory knowledge, they are making giant strides in their diving techniques. By the end of the dive program, they all emerged as competent scientific divers ready to conduct their own research.

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