Spring 2016 Poster Session!

By Astrid Verstappen – De Jager

DSC_0100Spring semester 2016 is running to an end, and that means its time for student presentations! Last Tuesday evening, our spring 2016 students completed their Cultural & Environmental History of Bonaire course with a dazzling poster presentation. There were a great variety of subjects that really encompassed our local Bonairian culture. Amongst these topics Aaron, Lisa, Lydia and Saffron decided to research the local Bonairian school system and how it differs from their home American system. Rose and Susan talked about the many-headed monster called WEB, the water and electricity company on the island. Leah, who herself is an active sports woman, looked into the popular sports on the island, and whether women participate in team sports like soccer and baseball. Eli and Victoria interviewed the Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA) park manager Paolo Bertuol and marine park ranger Luigi Eybrecht to find out more about how the STINAPA terrestrial and marine parks differ. Sam and Claire both looked into their great passions: Sam researched the fishing culture on Bonaire, with the help of fishing legend Chris Morkos, while Claire looked into poetry in Papiamentu, and how poetry helped the language to slowly gain status. All in all, the students were able to showcase their hard work learning about the Bonairian culture in an interactive way to the public!

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