Coral Reef Ecology Research

DCIM100GOPROG0032785.Students conduct research on a coral reef ecology project under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor. The topic will be provided by the faculty adviser and students will work independently and in small groups (4 students per group) on reviewing the literature, creating a bibliography, defining research methods, sampling, analysis of data, presentation of research findings in a public setting and writing a manuscript according to peer-reviewed journal formatting requirements. Students learn the basic elements of the research process: defining a topic, formulating a research question, seeking answers using the appropriate field and laboratory research methods, verbalizing research results, presenting scientific research in a public forum, and writing a scientific manuscript. Instructors: dr. Franziska Elmer & Zac Kohl, ms Contact hours: 45. Recommended Credit: 3 semester / 4.5 quarter hours.  

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