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There's comb jellies that cannot swim? When you think about a Comb Jelly (technically known as Ctenophores) you probably have an image of a clear animal swimming in the column of water and almost dancing with their two long tentacles. However, did you know there is also a group of Ctenophores (Order Platyctenida) that spend their entire adult life attached to the substrate?These flat (“Platy” means flat) Comb Jellies are an often overlooked group of invertebrates. We happened to find some of these animals growing on the sides of our small aquarium. Although lacking the typical body shape of a CombJelly, they still have a paired of retractable tentacles that allow them to catch small animals in the column of water by releasing an unique sticky substance. It is important to know that despite their common name, Ctenophores (Phylum Ctenophora, –meaning “comb-bearing”–), they do not belong to the same group of the true jellies (Phylum Cnidaria; a group that also includes hydrozoans, anemones and corals).

by dr. Enrique Arboleda


by dr. Enrique Arboleda

There's comb jellies that can't swim?

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